A Crash Course in Clothing Care

Taking care of your clothing is an essential part of extending a garment’s lifecycle. Many items on the market are actually designed to fall apart in as few as 7 wears! That sucks, but we can do our best to fight against that.
There are simple ways to change your clothing care habits that will make a huge impact on your clothing. These methods have allowed me to keep even fast fashion pieces in my wardrobe for years. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your clothing look its best:

First, turn your clothing inside out before putting it in the wash. This helps to protect your clothing from fading caused by the washing machine. This is especially important for denim!

Wash on cold and delicate. If you spilled something on your clothing, spot treat it before turning it inside out, so that you don’t need to depend so much on the machine to remove the stain.

If you are able, hang your clothing on a rack to air dry instead of using the dryer! This particularly protects clothing that contains elastic or has something printed on the front.

If you depend on a laundromat and the above drying method is not accessible for you, never fear! A garment bag is another great way to protect your clothing in the washer and dryer. Use the garment bags in addition to gentle wash cycles.
Additionally, garment bags help to keep microplastics from our clothing out of the water, so that’s always a plus!

Second, if you did not sweat or stain your clothing, consider skipping a wash and use a steamer instead! Steamers don’t just remove wrinkles! Steam kills germs, can help to reduce odors and remove allergens.

If you book a No Buy Closet Audit, Virtual Styling Experience or In-Person Styling Experience with Wild Maven Styling, you will receive a mini steamer and garment bag, in addition to other clothing care goodies, with your service! I truly believe these small habit changes can transform your relationship with your wardrobe, allowing you to enjoy it for many years!