“I would recommend Rachel to anyone who has gone through a change in how their body looks… or just anyone who is sick of how much positive and negative messaging and judgements about our bodies exist in the fashion industry… Rachel had a really good way about helping me find fit and style without ever judging my body in any way… nothing was ever ruled out or forced onto me because of how my body is right now. I would also recommend Rachel to anyone who wants to get out of the constant pressure to shop all the time and keep up with trends if that’s not something they enjoy or is not something that aligns with their personal values and priorities. Someone who wants to focus on quality as defined by their values and unique style”

- Emily G

“[Before working with Rachel] I hated shopping because it always felt like a chore… and I’d just be in this constant loop of not feeling great with the clothes I had. I was surprised by how much WMS was able to figure out my personality through [digital] interviews, and apply it to my style so well… I feel more confident in general walking around in the clothes I have now. I get so many compliments, tooRachel has such a no-judgement attitude and I felt comfortable because of it. She will make your wardrobe uniquely yours, give you tools on how to shop, teach you how to take care of your clothes and most importantly get you confident in your style”

- Siovean L.

“The consultation [with Rachel] was very professional but also felt personal. I never felt like I was just being judged by a stranger and put into a template. It was a friendly chat, discussing what I want, and what sort of steps we would take to get there… I was a bit worried I might be told to just take everything to a thrift and start over, but Rachel really helped me narrow down what I wanted out of my wardrobe. I felt zero judgement all around [and] no pressure to toss anything. The shopping guide and styling was what honestly blew me away… Rachel crafted a deep and comprehensive lookbook for my wardrobe and style. Everything felt fluid and there was a ton of crossover between all the looks while also repurposing my old clothes… My style is drastically more structured and organized… very much feels like me, but now more mature. With Rachel, your look starts with you, and you’ll get final say until you feel comfortable and confident in your style.”

- Matt T.

“Prior to working with WMS I always struggled to utilize my existing wardrobe to its fullest potential. I prefer to dress with comfort in mind and sometimes struggle to create outfits that are both comfortable and stylish. WMS got right to the heart of my personal style and helped me see that looking my best doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort. Shopping with WMS was like going on a personally curated shopping spree where I loved every single item, and it made it even better to know my purchases supported small business owners instead of massive corporations…”

-Katie Q.

“I feel much more control and freedom in my wardrobe after working with Wild Maven Styling. The options Rachel found all work together so flawlessly. It makes finding an outfit for any occasion easy and much more fashionable than I was accustomed to before this. Aesthetically, everything feels so much like me and I love feeling empowered by my clothes for the first time. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.”

-Zach R.

“My experience working with Wild Maven Styling was great! I learned a lot about my style and how to maintain it with simple upkeep.  It was great having someone help me figure out what my style is and how to change it up with pieces I have. I’ve always been very to the point. “This goes with this. End of story” but Wild Maven helped expand that thought process. I now have been able to see so many different outfit options with clothing I already own… I would definitely recommend Wild Maven!”

-Suzanna C.

“I’ve always struggled to figure out what my style was and how to shop for that style, so my closet was a bit of a disaster before meeting with Rachel… It’s been amazing to go to my closet and know that everything works with the look I’m going for, and it really made filling the gaps of my wardrobe that much easier. Rachel really listens to you and your needs and helps you build a style that suits you… I would recommend her services to anyone who has been feeling meh about shopping and clothes… It’s been freeing to know how I want to look and to have the tools to get there.”

-Jessica A.

“Rachel was kind, encouraging, proactive and incredibly helpful. She went through my wardrobe with great care and respect, and was easy to communicate with regarding my desired style. I found Rachel to be very efficient and thorough when finding clothing for me to purchase, and was she was very understanding of my budget. I also enjoyed that Rachel found sustainable items for me to purchase for my closet, something that was very important to me! My closet space serves me much better after my experience working with Wild Maven Styling. I feel more confident when choosing clothing for myself, and more comfortable in the clothing I’ve purchased… I can’t recommend Wild Maven Styling enough! It was a joy and a pleasure working with Rachel, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

-Beck D.