In-Person Styling Experience: Edgy-Classic Parisian

Sometimes, clients have difficulty articulating what they’re really looking for when it comes to their style.

Choosing one “aesthetic” can feel like a costume, but following trends also feel inauthentic.

That’s where a personal stylist comes in… it’s important for me to ask the right questions to be able to help my clients  express and understand their unique, nuanced sense of style.

Blending styles together adds more depth and really shows the multi-faceted human behind the clothing!

For example, my client E gave me words like “sophisticated,” “leather and lace,” and “Parisian” at the beginning of her Style Experience. These descriptors led me label her style as Edgy-Classic Parisian.

From there, we were able to build out an inspiration board and eventually a shopping list.

Here are some of the outfits that we created for E’s Edgy-Classic Parisian style. We used a mix of items she already had in her wardrobe and new-to-her items: