Virtual Styling Experience: Earthy 70s Babe

I want to teach people a lot of truths about their wardrobe… but today I want to say:

It’s possible to dress business/ business casual and show your personality!

Today’s case study in this concept is my client K, who worked with me via a Virtual Style Experience.

Her wardrobe had an assortment of things she had just been holding onto for work but she did not really enjoy wearing.  She felt unsure of how to describe her goal style, and needed help shopping for it.

Her goals for working together were to create a smaller but more functional wardrobe.  She wanted to find items that worked both professionally and casually and were comfortable.  It was also important to K that her new purchases be secondhand and under $100 an item.

During our consultation, we discussed what inspires her, her lifestyle and passions, what styles and colors she gravitates toward, and if she had any style inspirations.  This ended with us labeling her personal style “Earthy 70s Babe.”

We fleshed the vision out on Pinterest for a few days and audited her closet to see what pieces she already had that worked for her personal style.  After that, I created a shopping list, color pallet, and got to work digging through Poshmark, Depop, and Etsy for options.  I created a digital shopping list with the options so that K could shop at her leisure. I also created style cards with items from K’s closet that she loved but

All of the photos in this post are a taste of the looks she has put together after working together!